The Biointegrante massage is a holistic method that cures the process of integration of the person by improving the quality of his life. For Integration of the Person it means the ability, returned from bodily experience, to feel more whole and complete. In Motion it is to gain greater fluency and spontaneity. Greater consistency in behavior and naturalness between what you feel and what you act, between what you think and what you deliver.

The practitioner is prepared to run an integrated touch and emotional sequences applied to short and / or long-specific movements (rhythmic, fluid, sensitive, expressive) that help develop the overall well-being of Identity.

Compared to other types of massage is called Biointegrante (Bios = Life) because places special attention to recover CONNECTION TO LIFE through the PULSE VITALE: understood as the Seesaw of Life that is manifested in and feel the rhythm of one of the rest. Pulsation vital that the operator transmits the quality of its Contact: touch buttons and rhythmic alternating with delicate and sensitive touches that evoke the Pulse Vitale what message primitive and regenerating.

"Touch with care" is essential to enable the integration of Identity, for this reason, the operator is trained to transmit a contact with a high emotional quality that manifests itself in the daily care and assistance.

Massage Biointegrante also develops the Expression of Identity. The quality of the movements generated Duranti Massage is very accurate. It draws on the universal heritage of Human Movement which consists of at least 12 categories of movement that are translated into different touch modes: rhythm, fluidity, sensitivity, lightness, extension, sensuality, expression, etc. etc.

Our identity can be and flourish if our potential stimulated by skilled hands, warm and secure, that know how to make skin, container Identity, flexible and receptive to transformation

The benefits of this type of massage are varied, physical (energy balance, nervous system), psychological (greater presence, confidence and an integrated perception of self and Other); existential (appearance of feelings of harmony and goodwill towards others, and the Life; reinforcement of Identity).


Many years ago, when I began to practice massage in the working groups, I was often puzzled by the way I was touched. Most people had little hands adapted to communicate a nice touch. I realized that for many, it was more puzzling and 'uncertainty' s intimacy and closeness that the contact required.

These early experiences were instrumental in my career guidance in the field of massage: was not enough the 'technical aspect of the manipulation or the anatomical description of the arts, who wanted to meet her and massaged through my sensibility.
I was ready to merge the 'cognitive experience with the sensory, to explore what it's like inside the body rather than observe it outside.
At that time I met the Biodanza system and the creator Rolando Toro was a revelation because, finally, with this method you could integrate the act with the thinking, the pureexpression and bodily gestures with the flavor and heart of a movement !!
Biodanza is a fantastic system of human development that wants to redeem the deeper meaning of connection with life bringing attention to 'experience of the body, the feel, the touch, sensitivity and' emotion. It supports the most recent discoveries in neurophysiology, biology and the latest theories of evolutionary psychology.


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