The new book of 'Education Contact Edizioni VIVIVITA

The new book of Education to Contact

Editions Vivivita is pleased to present the second edition in 2016 enriched by multiple witnesses.

Hands that feed - Developing Identity and improve relations with the Good Contact

Author: Sandra Salmaso
Second Edition 2016 ISBN: 9788899065058 € 13.00

It is a tribute to the great need for tenderness and understanding faced by human relationships. In writing this essay, the author wants to entice them to discover how and why the give and receive loving touch is to stimulate and cultivate with care and respect as an essential ingredient for health and happiness.

It is called "Affective Intelligence" one that allows us to grasp the difference between a meeting in tenderness and a contact without delicacy.

In this new edition, enriched by multiple witnesses, it is proposed that the Affective Intelligence and Education Contact can be learned since its mother's womb by establishing continuous contact and a presence among parents and unborn child and subsequently becomes an educational subject in school to share with peers, and also that it can be recognized as a source of welfare for all human relations and in care settings.

In particular, the new edition addresses as in the helping professions and welfare Nonverbal Communication and the Tactile is extremely important to establish with the assisted a satisfying and serene relationship.

Contact at the Education method provides concrete tools to achieve the ability to watch for the report to help both human remains and "teaching us" to contact an empathetic and effective implementation of assistance, care and integrated rehabilitation programs, and respectful of the integrity and uniqueness psychophysics of the patient.

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