SOME TESTIMONIALS of participants in the training


FRANCO TEDALDI (2008-2010) Daddy : " The Integrated Massage was a return to home for me ; c on this simple expression I mean to say that it is above all a statement of my identity and together a push for integration , integration of movement And the touch, of the affection in all my relationships with the other by me. In particular I was able to live a very conscious paternity with my beautiful Little Girl "

SABRINA REFFO (2003-2005) Socio-sanitary Operator : "The course for me was also a journey of personal growth , allowed me to get in touch with me more deeply, gave me the opportunity to know me More than that, to understand the language of my body and the feelings it gives me, reading it all in a more serene and quiet key and not always accompanied by anguish and fear. "

KATIA MAZZOLA (2008-2010) naturalist, Bidoanza operator : "It was a very beautiful, nutritious and rich path. Knowing well who I was massaging allowed me to see exactly how functional this massage is to accompany the person to Connect with Life . "

VALENTINA BIGOLARO (2003-2005) Professional nurse, Biodanza's Operator : " The wishes that led me to embark on this journey were many, first of all the need to learn to know more about my body, such as faithful mirror and perfect container Of my thoughts , of my emotions , of my life . I felt then, and I feel stronger now, that this growth pathway offers a great opportunity, through contact , to approach lovingly to oneself and to others by listening, discovering and gradually recognizing what we really are. "

CRISTINA MORETTIN (2012-2014) Mum : "... it was beautiful, I felt at home , welcomed and nurtured in my deepest feeling thanks to the" good contact "shared with my classmates ...
I find it extraordinary that through this type of massage, it is possible to supplement the lack of caresses, cures and affectivity in people who have experienced a first childhood difficult and, for various reasons, lacking attentions. "
STEFANIA CARRER (stage 2011) physiotherapist : " Immediately after the day of the internship something had changed, the awareness that through my hands, when I contacted a guest to perform physiotherapy, passed a message, he and I entered in relation.
The word CONTACT, from that day, has taken on the deep meaning of TOUR WITH CARE.
... Today I see and live my work differently with a new awareness and the precious teachings of the School of Contact Education have indefinitely transformed my hands making them gentle messages of affection, consolators of suffering, promoters of pleasure and joy of living . "
PAOLO CROCI (2012-2014) healthcare worker : "Infinite gratitude for what they have done for me goes to school directors, Sandra Salmaso and Sergio Signori who, in constant balance research, have been able to represent Yin and Yang.
Thank you for giving / gave us altruistically your knowledge, the result of a continuous introspective and relational research whose elements you have made me perceive, see and introject, sedimenting within me as fruits to donate.
I also thank you for the fact that I learned from you how to perceive Life in the meeting .
STEFANIA CARRER (2012-2014) physiotherapist : "Since my training course with the School of Contact Education has started, I have started to interact in a different and more aware way with the guests in my daily work, meeting opportunities They have been numerous, all different and precious, but I want to talk about one that has particularly touched me and I consider it meaningful because it clearly made me understand the strength of this approach to enhance life in the body of the other.
B. was welcomed in the department a few years ago, I met him in 2011 for a first phase of physiotherapy. B. is a guest in a state of low conscience, through the notes of "SI" and "NO", communicating two simple concepts that open a sea of ​​possibilities for expression for those who like him live imprisoned in a body that can only partially To control, in dependence on the other, which he can not do without, in a state in which others are to decide for him and for his own good. We started the physiotherapy cycle and after a few sessions B. began to refuse the treatment: whenever I came closer I stiffened and with a kinesthetic activity of arms and legs I was away. I had to suspend the treatment and asked a thousand questions about what I had done wrong for having induced him in this strong reaction, this rejection. Then I repeatedly proposed to repeat a Physiotherapy cycle at B. but I was always denied. Perhaps the right question that I should have been asked is: what had I not done?
The answer to my question came with the experience of the school and its precious teachings. Nothing happens by chance, and last autumn a project began in the Department of Musical-Art-Therapy in the globality of languages.
I joined Dr. Vannini in conducting sensory laboratories and there were also B's chosen for this activity. The laboratories were held in the department. Around the host and family member (care-giver), the work of several figures was revived: the Musical-Art-Therapist, the psychologist, I and a healthcare worker (OSS or nurse); Each with their expertise and professionalism was involved in the experimental laboratory.
But for B. things went differently because he refused from the beginning to be involved in the business. Through a series of tests we realized that B. did not accept the presence of all those people but only mine and so I started with him a special path; Laboratories have focused on contact and the ability to still perceive the body as a source of pleasure. A body that is experienced above all as a source of pain in view of the innumerable stiffness and articular deformities, especially at the hands, feet and right knees, which make it difficult to withstand normal day-to-day care activities . With these assumptions I led the labs, maybe I would call them Encounters ... yes, meet, meet a friend, a dear person, open arms, listening, sharing, with the ultimate goal of getting together in the relationship.
At each meeting I proposed to B. a different type of massage explaining to him every time what I was going to do and if that was what he liked, otherwise I did change the proposal with some adjustments.
It was a slow and gradual journey, we started out with the three basic touches and gradually we came to the massage with the oil B. gave me on the legs, shoulders, arms and even hands and feet. I remember in particular the massage to the hands, they almost seem to be pincers, the fingers are thin and long, all close together so that the skin can not breathe and crumble, the palm is inaccessible, as if the fingers had built a palisade to defense Of something sensitive and intimate that no longer wants to be touched.
I remember the intensity of the moment when touching with gentle and affectionate touch, my fingers slowly reached my palm while her tension and fear of sorrow dissolved in the confidence that my touch would be respectful and careless.
Each encounter was a precious gift that everyone did to the other, B. relaxed a lot and at the end of each meeting he thanked me, stretched out his arms toward me almost as if to embrace me and smiled with a serene expression of who In that encounter he found moments of inner peace perhaps capable of soothing so much suffering.
I thank B. for choosing me to share this existential rehabilitation path. His testimony has helped consolidate in me the certainty of the human quality of contact, of respect for the body of the other as a sacred temple of expression of our identity, the container of our essence, the guardian of our deepest and most intimate feelings and emotions.
Touching is the first and fundamental step to creating a trusting relationship with each other. My work experience has given me endless possibilities to experience it and sharpen it.
Today I see and live my work differently with a new awareness and the precious teachings of the School of Contact Education have indefinitely transformed my hands making them gentle messages of affection, consolators of suffering, promoters of pleasure and joy of living "
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